UK Scrappage Scheme 2023: Everything You Need to Know


What is a car scrappage scheme?

The car scrappage scheme came about in 2009 to encourage people to scrap their old polluting vehicles, in exchange for a discount on a new eco-friendly vehicle.

The idea behind it was to decrease emissions, as well as boost sales for manufacturers.

Here are some of the benefits of the UK Scrappage Scheme:

  • It helps to reduce air pollution.
  • It encourages people to switch to more environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • It can save people money on the purchase of a new car.
  • It can boost the economy by stimulating demand for new cars.

Since the ULEZ expansion on 29th August 2023, the car scrappage scheme has been more popular than ever, as many Londoners and nearby residents no longer want to pay the charge.

The expansion of the ultra-low emission zone will mean there will be a surge of scrap cars in London and this scheme is hoping to make that transition a little easier on people. Read on to
find out what to do if you have a car or van that needs to be scrapped due to the ULEZ.



Scrappage scheme eligibility

TFL have broadened the eligibility criteria for the scrappage scheme and enhanced their grant payments to assist a wider range of residents, small businesses and charities based in London in making the most of the available funds and getting ready for the ULEZ expansion.

Any London dweller residing in one of the 32 boroughs of London or within the City of London, possessing a qualifying vehicle, can now seek to scrap a car or motorcycle without the need to meet specific benefit requirements.

To be eligible for the scheme, your vehicle must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be registered in the UK.
  • It must be petrol or diesel-powered.
  • It must be Euro 4 or older.
  • It must have been owned by you for at least 12 months.

Scrappage scheme payment increase

Grant payments for qualifying small businesses (those with fewer than 50 employees), micro-enterprises (with up to 10 employees), charities and sole traders have been increased. 

All London residents can apply for up to £2,000 for scrapping a car or up to £1,000 for scrapping a motorcycle.

Additionally, they are offering increased support for disabled London residents by raising the grant amount available for scrapping or retrofitting a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV). For wheelchair accessible vehicles there is a payment of £10,000 to scrap or £6,000 to retrofit to the ULEZ standards.

The Application Process

Previously, many London motorists had their scrap car applications delayed or rejected. However, in light of the ULEZ expansion and larger fund, the scheme has picked up some momentum again and applications are being processed.

The application process for the scrappage scheme is divided into two sub-schemes, based on vehicle type and applicant:

  • The ULEZ car and motorcycle scrappage scheme is designed for London residents with cars, motorcycles, and wheelchair accessible vehicles that do not comply with the ULEZ emissions standards.
  • The ULEZ van and minibus scrappage scheme is intended for sole traders, micro businesses, small businesses, or charities with a registered address in London, aiming to scrap or retrofit a van or minibus that does not meet the ULEZ emissions standards.

The application process is conducted online, and individuals and businesses will be required to upload evidence to substantiate their identity and eligibility.

Individuals and businesses that have previously received a grant payment under the prior TfL scrappage scheme are not eligible to reapply for the equivalent sub-scheme.

What to do if TFL have rejected your Scrappage Scheme application

If you applied for the scheme last year or a while ago, it’s possible your application was rejected due to the fact that TFL had simply closed the scheme down. However, with a whopping £160m fund up for grabs in 2023, the scheme is now back up and running.

If you have recently applied for the scheme and been rejected, please speak to our scrappage scheme experts and we’ll get to the bottom of the cause and potentially suggest a different approach.

Check out our scrap my car locations to see if we operate in a town near you.

How We Can Help You

If you would like to benefit from the UK Scrappage Scheme, you will need to have proof that your vehicle was scrapped. This proof comes in the form of a certificate of destruction, which is an official document by law.

When you scrap your vehicle with us, we contact the DVLA on your behalf. They will then issue a certificate of destruction which you will need in order to claim money back from the Scrappage Scheme. You can also use this certificate to claim a refund on any unused road tax.​

Other Scrappage Schemes

There have been many car scrappage schemes over the years by car manufacturers and the government.

In the past, BMW, Audi, Mazda, Ford, Mercedes, MG, Toyota, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Vauxhall and Hyundai have offered scrappage schemes. Unfortunately most of these have now been discontinued.

Here are some of the scrappage schemes available in the UK:

  • Hyundai Scrappage Scheme: Offers a grant of £2,500 towards the purchase of a new Hyundai car.
  • Toyota Scrappage Scheme: Offers a grant of £2,000 towards the purchase of a new Toyota car.
  • Nissan Scrappage Scheme: Offers a grant of £1,500 towards the purchase of a new Nissan car.
  • Volkswagen Scrappage Scheme: Offers a grant of £1,000 towards the purchase of a new Volkswagen car.


Low Emissions Zone now on the border of Hertfordshire

Did you know that the LEZ has now extended right up to the border of Hertfordshire?

As Covid restrictions ease, it has led to more traffic and an obvious increase in pollution. Due to the government trying to claw back money lost to Covid, some believe it won’t be long until the LEZ turns into an ultra low emission zone requiring locals to pay the same charges they would have to pay if they entered into London.

Because of this, many people in Hertfordshire are now requesting to scrap their old Diesel cars because they have to pay the ULEZ charge if they cross into London.

Both Diesel and Petrol manufacturing will cease in 2030 and this is another reason why everyone is trying to scrap their old vehicles.

We have seen the most scrap my car Hertfordshire quotations over the last month and this will only increase.

If you live in Hertfordshire and want to scrap your non ULEZ compliant vehicle, get in touch today.

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