Scrap car price review 2022-2023


Scrapping your car is a great way to make extra cash, especially if your vehicle is no longer roadworthy and is just collecting dust. Disposing of old or damaged cars by scrapping or selling them has become increasingly popular in the UK. As a result, scrap car prices are on the rise. In fact, the average price for a scrap vehicle in 2022 increased by 30% to reach £305.

Once the lockdown restrictions were lifted in 2021, the prices for scrapped cars began to rise and remained on an upward trajectory for the rest of the year. In 2022, the highest scrap my car price was recorded in December, reaching £365.

Types of cars scrapped in 2022/2023

Interestingly, the Ford Fiesta was the most scrapped car in 2022, which is not surprising. The scrap value of the Fiesta actually increased by 16% from August to September. The Ford Focus, Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta are among the most popular cars in the UK and were the top three scrapped cars in the country in 2022. They are affordable, reliable and the parts for these cars are very cheap.

It is also worth noting that the popularity of certain car paint colours has increased over the last year. The most popular car colour in 2022 was grey, whereas silver cars were among the most scrapped cars.

Factors affecting scrap car prices

The value of a scrap car is influenced by its age, size and weight. The bigger the car, the more metal is accessible for scrap, which will increase the price. Cars made with materials other than steel will have a decreased value. This is more likely to happen with newer cars than older ones.

Removing parts from your car that potentially have value may lower the price of your scrap car, so it is essential to think carefully before doing so.

The age and mileage of the car do not typically affect the scrap car value. In fact, the average age of scrapped vehicles in 2022 was 16 years, as car owners potentially wanted to upgrade from their old cars.

2023 scrap car price review

In January 2023, prices continued to rise, with the average scrap car value at £315, higher than the best price offered in 2021.

It is apparent that many people are continuing to use their old or end-of-life cars to make a little extra cash. The Ford Fiesta continues to be the most scrapped car so far in 2023, with the scrap car value increasing by over 15%.

Scrap my car company

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