What’s the difference between scrap or salvage cars?

What’s the difference between scrap or salvage cars

What is a scrap car?

When someone scraps their car, it usually means the vehicle is no longer running, reached the end of its life or is broken beyond repair. The car may have failed its MOT, been involved in an accident or crash, or has simply come to the end of its life naturally. When you scrap your car, it is taken to an authorised treatment facility where it will go through a long and detailed process to be recycled and made into something else. Almost every modern car can be recycled. The materials recycled from the scrap car could be used in other vehicles or could be used to make something completely different. This may include sun cream, paint and rings. Scrapping your car has a positive impact on the environment.

What is a salvage car?

When a car is purchased for salvage it will likely have parts replaced so the vehicle becomes road worthy, or parts of the car will be removed to use for other vehicles. The type of damage a salvage vehicle has will decide which category it fits in. Categories for salvage vehicles are Category A, which means the vehicle is beyond repair. The car then might be sold for scrap. Category B means the vehicle is beyond repair, but parts can still be removed and used for other vehicles. Category C means the price to repair the car is more than the vehicle is worth. Category D means repairing the car would cost less than what it is worth. However, the main categories that are used today in salvage are categories N and S. Category N means the car can be repaired after nonstructural damage, and category S means your car can be repaired after structural damage.

So, what’s the difference between scrap or salvage cars?

The difference between scrap and salvage is mainly the fact that scrap cars are no longer road worthy and will be sent to a recycling plant to be stripped of materials and crushed. A salvage car means that the vehicle could be road worthy again and is usually repaired or used for parts. The price you get for your scrap car or salvage car will depend on the condition of the vehicle. It’s likely a salvage car will allow you to come by more money as it has the potential to be made road worthy again, but this is not the case if the vehicle will cost more to repair than what you paid for it. The price for a scrap car is based off the age of the scrap car, the weight of the scrap, the size of the scrap car and the condition of the scrap car. The larger the vehicle the more metal accessible for scrap, which will therefore increase the price. The decision to scrap or salvage your vehicle should depend on the condition of the car and your current situation.

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