10 Common Faults with the Ford Focus


The Ford Focus, renowned for its reliability, may encounter various issues over time. Here’s a detailed look at some common faults:

Transmission Troubles

Certain models, particularly those with Powershift automatic transmission, might suffer from shuddering, slipping, or rough shifting. These issues often necessitate transmission repairs or replacement.

Electrical Problems

Owners have reported issues like malfunctioning power windows, faulty door locks, or central locking system malfunctions. These problems may stem from wiring issues or faulty components, requiring diagnosis by a qualified mechanic.

Coolant Leaks

Some models, notably those with the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, are prone to coolant leaks. These leaks, if left unattended, can lead to overheating, highlighting the importance of prompt repair.

Engine Mount Failure

Premature failure of engine mounts is another common issue. Symptoms may include excessive engine vibration or clunking noises, which can be resolved by replacing the worn engine mounts.

Faulty Ignition Coils

Some models may experience ignition coil problems, resulting in misfires, rough idling, or hesitation during acceleration. Replacing the faulty ignition coils can restore engine performance.

Rear Suspension Noise

Owners of specific models have reported hearing clunking or knocking noises from the rear suspension, especially over bumps. Worn suspension components like bushings or shock absorbers may be the cause.

Excessive Oil Consumption

Certain models, particularly those with the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, may consume oil excessively. Owners may need to monitor oil levels closely and top up between scheduled oil changes.

Faulty Door Latches

Certain models have faced recalls due to faulty door latches that may fail to properly secure the doors, posing a safety risk. It’s essential for owners to check for recalls and have the door latches inspected or replaced as necessary.

Power Steering Failure

Ford Focus models equipped with electric power steering may experience power steering failure, resulting in heavy or stiff steering. This issue may require repairs or component replacement.

Excessive Rust

Older models may develop excessive rust, particularly in areas prone to corrosion. Regular rust inspections and rustproofing treatments can help prevent corrosion and extend the vehicle’s lifespan.


Addressing these issues promptly through regular maintenance and servicing by qualified technicians is crucial to ensure the continued reliability and safety of Ford Focus vehicles. If you think your Ford Focus is beyond saving, learn how to scrap your car.


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