Scrap Car Price Report June 2022


What a month it’s been for average scrap car prices at Scrap My Car Company. 

In June prices rose by 3% to reach all time highs. The prices are going up every month without signs of slowing and this is due to the rise in demand for steel.


June Average Scrap Car Price

The average scrap car price in June 2022 was £309. This was a 3% increase compared to average scrap prices in May 2022. 

Comparing these figures to June 2021, scrap car prices have risen roughly 40% year on year. That’s a huge reason to scrap your car right now and cash in at the highest prices.

It’s uncertain whether these prices will remain into July, but based on the charts it looks very possible.


What is the Scrap Car Price Report

The Scrap Car Price Report gives you a great snapshot on what the average scrap price is for the previous month.

We add all the scrap prices we’ve paid over the previous month and divide it by the number of vehicles we’ve scrapped. This gives us the average scrap car price.

Of course, all cars come in completely different shapes and sizes, so it does not mean your car will be worth the same as the average price. There are also lots of other factors involved in what the price will be, mentioned above.


What determines the price of a scrap car?

The price of a scrap car is determined by many factors. Here are the most common:

  • Weight
  • Alloy wheels
  • Parts
  • Make and model
  • Year
  • Number of body panels
  • Whether it drives

Top 5 Cars Scrapped in June

In June the most common car we scrapped was a Ford Focus, followed by Vauxhall Corsa and in third place was the Ford Fiesta. In 4th place was the Volkswagen Polo and fifth place was the Ford Mondeo.

The Ford Focus got an average price of £315.

It’s a fantastic time to scrap your car as all average prices are up, compared to the previous month.

Make & ModelMay Average Scrap ValueJune Average Scrap ValuePercentage Change
Ford Focus£315£3201.6%
Vauxhall Corsa£295£3001.7%
Ford Fiesta£305£3101.6%
Volkswagen Polo
Ford Mondeo

Best scrap car prices UK June 2022

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