Where is my car going to be scrapped?

find your local ATF

Scrapping a car for money is a normal thing these days in the UK but we need to make sure that the process is done in the right way. All old cars must be scrapped in an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

After agreeing a price we will collect the vehicle and send it to our business partner facility where the car is going to be dismantled piece by piece, accordingly both to the UK and E.U laws. This means you really don’t have to worry about anything because we will handle the entire vehicle recycling process for you.

You only need to have the right paperwork ready and be prepared to say “goodbye my dear friend” at that’s it.

Shortly after you will get the certificate of destruction (CoD) and by that time the entire process is fully completed.

Important: The vehicle logbook (V5C) is the document that you need to provide us before we can collect the car. Without this document we cannot collect. The  document is vital to prove that the vehicle belongs to you. You will also need to provide us your personal I.D or driving licence. We keep a record of the sale which is mandatory by law. Further details will be provided when we contact you regarding the collection of your car for scrap.

It’s also important to let you know that your car must be complete, free of any waste inside  and be parked in an accessible location. Also important for you to check is if the tyres are fully inflated (if not isn’t too much of a problem) and the car keys are available in the car so the process of removing the car can be fast and easy for everyone..

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